The Origins of Sorrow

Note from the Author

This book was written sporadically during the period November 2011 to February 2014.

Although meticulous care was taken to abide by Biblical facts, it often became necessary to expand the various narratives in dramatic fashion to highlight the credibility and humanity of the characters.

Obviously, expansion could not be overdone, since that would cause the book to be overly thick.

This book is shrouded in a cloud of particular evidence and testimony, causing me to remain focussed through prayer. I continuously relied on insight from God, and the guidance of His Holy Spirit.

Thus I wish to thank the omnipresent and almighty Creator, my Everlasting Father and Leader, for His guidance and aid with this book, as well as my gratitude to Jesus Christ the Lord, who gave each of us the authority to be known as the children of God.

I also wish to thank my wife, Marie, for her support and dedication during the many hours of my isolation whilst writing.

Various translations of the Bible were used in my research, particularly “Die Bybel in Afrikaans”, Research Edition 1933 (Published by the “Bybelgenootskap van Suid-Afrika”).

It is my prayer that every reader of this book will achieve greater clarity, vision and insight regarding the initial and eventual plan of God.


This dramatic narrative takes the reader on an interesting journey through well-known Old Testament Bible narratives, in such a way that the emotions of the characters are studied, highlighted and often even emphasized.

The reader will virtually grow into the narratives and experience the realism and humanity and gain a wonderful understanding.

These invaluable parts of the Old Testament are often undervalued or neglected, often even ignored, because, as “history” it is deemed to be “boring to read”

The reader will, however, come to appreciate the value for what it is: the origin of sorrows, man’s attempts to survive and to justify his actions, but at the same time to experience the mercy and presence of a loving and omnipresent God. God’s mercy will even be experienced each time He meets up with a digressed soul.

The reader will experience what the origin of all sorrows is, and will be able to identify it and recognize the source of many of the concerns we grapple with today, which actually emanate from the earliest of times of man’s existence.

This part of the Bible is often described as “bloody” and cruel, but the love for and patience with stubborn man is constantly evident.

These narratives early on display the Godly plan and prelude towards the merciful salvation of fallen man. They describe, amongst others, the very first transgression when man, in Eden, voluntarily chose against God, and where after God prepares to introduce the Sacrificial Lamb to achieve reconciliation between Him and man.

The very first sin, arrogance, is discussed. Then disobedience and then disbelief. Even the first murder is described, in some gruesome detail, where after follows the increased incidence of sin perpetrated by man, removed from God by own choice. The direct two-way conversation with God is unconsciously severed, something most people will not easily again enjoy the privilege and fullness of.

Through the complete sacrifice made on the cross of Golgotha, we have been granted the opportunity, through Jesus, to be called children of God, and to willingly and knowingly reinstate the relationship which was initially severed by man.

The image of God as it manifests in man (to my mind the inner spiritual man – emotions of love, peace, joy, happiness and friendliness, patience and goodness, trust, gentleness, empathy and affection and laughter)  is present in each of the following narratives, whilst the absence thereof, through disobedience and carnality is revealed in the opposite thereof: lovelessness and lies, hate, criticality and jealousy, greed and animosity, disobedience, licentiousness and discontent, anger… too many to name: the origin of all sorrows…….!

The Word of God states clearly that we will not experience the kingdom of God with these things. To abandon carnality and to rather strive towards the spiritual, will help us to experience the glory of His kingdom to a lesser extent already here on earth. Like a taste of how the first people experienced it in Eden prior to the Sin of Man.

This is what may await us after the reinstitution in the New Jerusalem.

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